4 important signs of failing cable

4 important signs of failing cable

4 important signs of failing cable

How long a cable will last depends on how well it gets treated. In general, nothing lasts forever. A cable will also start to suffer from wear and tear with time. Although it is easy to replace or get the cable repaired, the hardest part is recognising the signs of its failure. Know the signs and look for repairing data cabling in Blacktown and its nearby areas when it is required.

Slow network connections-

What can be the most important tell-tale sign for a damaged ethernet cable? It’s a slow network connection. Although it is not the only cause of damaged cable, it is one of the common causes for the same problem. Whenever you face any such issue, it is good to get the cable examination done by the experts. If you are facing occasional slowness in the network connection that comes and goes, then it may be a hint that a cable is starting to break. In this situation, the cable can still transmit data if all of the parts are in their proper position. But if the chronic slowness is constant, then it can indicate worse damage.

Poor image quality-

If you see poor image quality on the screen, then it is a warning sign of damaged cables. There are many problems with the image quality that can hint you to call an expert to diagnose a problem in the cable. They include discolouration, tinting, blurred images and problems with the screen’s resolution, etc. Sometimes, people can see a screen without any display due to a damaged HDMI cable. This kind of image loss can be permanent or temporary, depending on the damage. But both warning signs hint towards the broken cable. There can be many reasons for it but HDMI cable is the first thing you should diagnose. It is easy for an average user to check the broken cable. But if you are not able to check it, then you can call experts to diagnose data cables in Blacktown (in case you are living in Blacktown or surrounding regions).


It is usually advised to avoid wiggling cables. But sometimes, we need to wiggle them and can’t avoid it completely. Wiggling cable does not cause any changes in the connection when the cable is in good working condition. But when the cable is damaged, wiggling can affect the connection. For example, a cable has a broken wire. If you wiggle it, chances are the connection will get better or worse depending on how wiggling changes the position of a connected wire.

Cables having bent pins at the end may also change when you wiggle the wire. This is because the movement of the wire may adjust the way that pins fit into the port. You might be wondering if the wiggling can affect other parts of the computer system! Here is a piece of information for you. No, it will not impact other parts. So, the only sign left for this trouble is a broken cable. Before it can cause more stress on the wire, get the cables diagnosed on time and repair if required.

Irregular performance-

Usually, a cable under good working conditions will offer consistent performance. Sometimes, variance is caused by a few factors except when the cable is normal and changes within a short time. A significant variance can hint towards a damaged cable. It occurs because cables depend on physical connections. The quality of the connection may be poor in the damaged cable when compared to connection in good cables. If you notice inconsistent performance, it’s time to get the cable diagnosed.

We have discussed 4 important warning signs of failing or damaged cable. Now it is your turn to keep in mind these signs so that if you face any such issues, you can call experts to get the problem checked. If you are experiencing any of these signs of damaged cables and want to get them diagnosed or repaired, then you can call OSA communications. They are known to offer various services such as wifi equipment, Tv and Hi-Fi Cabling, installation and repairs, and data cabling in Blacktown or surrounding regions and various other services.

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