How to Take Care of Your Data Cables?

How to Take Care of Your Data Cables?

How to Take Care of Your Data Cables?

Although data cabling in Blacktown is relatively cheap in most Australian convenience stores, it doesn’t hurt to take care of them properly. Doing this not stops you from wasting time at a convenience store once every two weeks or so but also reduces the chances of data emergencies from happening. Even better! You get to save a few bucks for a sundae at the supermarket. 

So, if you’ve been stuck in the endless loop of buying data cables once every fortnight, stick with us as we show you all you need to do is take good care of your data cables. Who knows? You might find out what you’ve been doing wrong all along!

  1. Wrap the cables properly

It’s a common thing for people to shove things like their cables into their bags | especially when they’re in a rush. While this seems normal, it’s very wrong. You see, shoving these wires into your bags may damage the delicate data transfer cabling in them. It may not happen the first or second time you do that but, it will happen at the worst possible time. 

To prevent that, make sure you wrap the ropes carefully without damaging them. A typical way to do this is to wound any data cable around your hand in circles and also hold the wound cable with a rubber band before storing it. 

  1. Reduce their exposure to sunlight

Just like any other piece of electronic equipment, data cables tend to overheat when left in the sun for long. The harsh UV rays from the summer sun could make your next data transfer next to impossible without a visit to the convenience store. Avoid this by doing all your work under a shade instead. 

  1. Be gentle with them.

Yanking data cables out of their respective ports is yet another culprit to more frequent visits to the electronics shop. A lot of things go awry with yanking your data cables out of their ports. Whether or not you’re in a hurry, you shouldn’t yank your cables off any ports. You not only damage the cables but also risk damaging the port as well! – which could cost you a lot more than a cable in the nearest future. 

  1. Reinforce the cables 

Thanks to the internet, there are thousands of life hack videos online just waiting to be watched. We’re pretty sure you’d see a life hack video about cable reinforcement on YouTube or the gram. 

Check them out and be creative. Popular concepts people have come up with include

  • Putting the spring of a spring pen around the cables. 
  • Wrapping the entire cord with paracord strings. 
  • Securing each end of the wire with some electrical tape. 
  • Wrapping embroidery floss or cable protectors around the entire cable.
  1. Refrain from sharp bends

Sharp bends happen when you stretch your data cable past the limit it’s supposed to take. For example, if you seriously need your cable, and your socket is farther than the entire length of the cord, you might be tempted to beat the odds and stretch it all out. 

Don’t do that as this would not only crack open the wiring but also destroy all the soft wires inside the insulator – rendering your cable totally useless. 

  1. Keep them away from water.

Just because your data cables are well insulated doesn’t mean they’re not vulnerable to water damage. Remember, the cable terminals are still electrical inlets and they need to be kept dry as often as possible. Taking them near moisture would corrode the metal as well as reduce their functionality. 

  1. Keep your data cables away from your children.

Data cables should never be brought or used near children. Aside from the fact that these unsuspecting youngsters could put their lives in danger just by playing with these cables, leaving them to toy around with them would spoil them much faster. You know how children are; all yank and playful with things around them.

  1. Keep them organized

Properly organizing your cable collection may not necessarily prolong their lifespan. However, you’d be saving yourself a ton of stress from cable loss. By making use of specialized containers like plastic bags, you get to keep all your cables in one place. 

  1. Store the cables well

It’s no news that properly stored cables would last longer. However, many tech enthusiasts still store all their cables in a big box somewhere. Whether it be an extension or ethernet cord, one should never get them mixed up. 

A proper way to tie up data cables would be to wrap them up properly, secure the cables with a velcro tie or a left-over-twist-tie from electronics packaging. Once done, you could store them in order of their sizes or any other criterion. 

  1. Keep your electric cables away from dust

It may not seem like it but getting dust into your data cable’s connectors is fatal to their health. Electrostatic charges dispersed by the dust particles may cause a huge fault in your data cables. Plus, dusty data cables are a sight for sore eyes. Take care of your data cables by keeping them away from dust. 

  1. Clean them well

A proper way to clean up your data cables would be to use the detergent of all electronics – isopropyl alcohol – and some baby wipes. Since you obviously can’t get rid of all the dirt and dust with water, you might as well use another wetting agent that won’t destroy your data cabling in Blacktown. That’s why we recommend dampening the wipes with little alcohol and rubbing the entire cable with a soft cloth. 

Now might be a good time to start taking proper care of your data cabling in Blacktown. Thankfully, you have 11 ways to do just that.

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