Phone System Installation And Relocation – A Complete Guide

Phone System Installation And Relocation – A Complete Guide

Phone System Installation And Relocation – A Complete Guide

Technology is upgrading day by day. In the business industry, companies have different types of technical requirements. There is one common requirement of all common businesses, and it is a good phone system. Without having a good system, it becomes difficult for everyone to communicate and pass a message perfectly. For preventing these issues, you can hire the best phone system installation and relocation services. 

Everyone wants to expand their business with time. For the expansion, they have to focus on several things like search for a new and big place for office set up. In case you want to shift your office to a new place, then you have to focus on relocating the phone system as well. 

For all these things, you have to work carefully and wisely. It is not a thing where you have to make a decision and start proceeding. You should work by preparing a proper plan and acting accordingly. 

How To Relocate?

First of all, you have to pass complete information to your employees and let them know about such a thing. In case your employees are not aware of it, then it can be a reason for a big mess. 

Plan With Technician 

While moving an office, you have to deal with lots of technical aspects. You need to move the complete working system to a new place. It is highly similar to setting up a new office. You have to call all your technicians and discuss each & every detail with them. 

Discussion with technicians can help you in forming a perfect plan for phone system relocation and all other elements. Lack of a plan may lead to confusion and create barriers while removing or re-installing the phone system. 

In some cases, you may not be able to carry forward the services of the previous phone service provider. In such a condition, you have to contact a new company as per the new location. If you contact the technicians in advance, then you can sort out all issues with ease. 

Inform The Service Provider 

Some people are not aware of all the technical aspects. They made a big mistake of informing the phone system company on the same day of moving. You should not make such a mistake. This thing can make the work of phone system installation and relocation complicated only. To keep things perfect and maintain the workflow, you should inform the service provider at least one week before the moving date. 

It can provide enough time for the company for adjusting all elements and work on your relocation project. Sometimes, they may need to install new wires in your new location area. Before your day of moving, the service provider can deal with it by which you can access their services from the first day in the new area. 

Informing the service provider on the same day or one day before can become a reason for wastage of your time. 

System Relocation 

When it comes to the relocation of the phone system, then the most important thing is the configuration. You have to make sure, your service provider knows how to connect your business phone system to previous settings at a new place. With it, the most important thing is cabling in the office. It should be done perfectly for preventing all types of problems in the future with ease. 


After completing the phone system installation and relocation work, it is necessary to consider a final inspection. It can assist you in figuring out, the system is working perfectly or not. In case the system does work properly as before, then you have to ask the service provider for fixing all issues. 

Choose The Best One

For all these things, everyone has to hire services from the best company only. 

  • License – you should check out, the service provider is licensed or not. You should not hire a company that does not have a license for providing services. These types of companies are functioning illegally. 
  • Certification – you have to gather some basic details about their employees. The team of the company’s professionals should have the best and certified employees. Certification shows, they undergo specific training for becoming a professional. 
  • Testimonials – while inspecting the companies, you should not forget to check out the testimonials. It can help you in gathering complete information about the company and its background. 
  • Experience – it can help you in estimating what kind of knowledge and service quality the company can provide. You should choose a company that has years of experience. 

These are major factors that you should consider for comparing multiple options. One Step Ahead Communications can help you in installing and regulating your business phone system perfectly. We have over 35 years of experience in the field. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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